Our Spirit
Are you facing any financial constraints in building up your business? "Best Financing for Future" is the spirit of our services. Let us try to help removing the constraints and grow your business further.

By using the financing from us, focus on the growth of the business that you are in. We understand your necessity, and we are here to fulfill it. Together, let us achieve your business goal.

Products and Services

Investment Financing

We help you to do investment, rehabilitation, modernization, expansion or relocation of your business. This service is provided with a period of more than 2 years through Finance Lease and Sale & Leaseback.

Working Capital Financing

Find the perfect funding to pay off your one-cycle discharged expenses through this finance scheme. This service is provided within a period of 2 years through Sale & Leaseback.

Procedures and Steps

  1. Submit your purchase order/invoice
  2. Survey/appraisal
  3. Internal screening
  4. Propose offering letter if result is good
  5. Sign agreement
  6. Disbursement
  7. Please feel free to contact us for further information and detail


  1. We bring you the multiple advantages as below :
  2. Customizable mid and long term maturity financing options
  3. Perfect capital saving
  4. Rapid business expansion and growth
  5. Repayment suited for your cash flow
  6. Simple administration procedure


Grab your application and find a very competitive financing cost from administration, provision, insurance and fiduciary fee.